3 Podcast Worth Listening To

As of late, I have been listening to podcasts non-stop. I have always enjoyed listening to them as a great alternative to music but lately, it’s like I cannot get enough of them. They have quickly become an obsession for me. I love listening to them on my drive to work in the morning to help get my mind rolling for the day ahead or while relaxing in the bath to unwind from the day. Here are three podcasts that I have not been able to stop listening to lately.

The Shrink Next Door

I found this podcast by chance while browsing the through the lasted podcast and boy am I glad that I have found it. The whole story is base around a therapist named Ike , and how a journalist Joe Nocera found out he is his neighbor. However, one summer Joe learns that who he thought his neighbor was not the case. There where many twists and turns that you did not see coming at all and I would have to say the way the story ends makes me a little upset. I don’t want to tell you why but when you found out I think that you will be too! Please don’t walk to listen to this run, run as fasted as you can. Listen to The Shrink Next Door…. Here .

Noble Blood

If you are lover of history then you will find Noble Blood quite a delight. I was quite happy when I came across this podcast. I am such a lover of history and learn about the Royal families has alway intrigued me. This is a fairly new podcast and there are only three episodes out right now. However, the host weaves this stories so well you don’t know where you are going to end up. What I really enjoys is that this podcast covers stories with familiar names the you learn about in history class but stories that you may never of heard of before. It you are a history buff then you will enjoy Noble Blood quite a lot. Listen to Noble Blood ….Here.

At Home With…

Two of my favorite Youtuber Anna Newton and Lily Pebble are behind this fabulous podcast. These two lovely ladies go and interview women that they admire in their homes. I really like how laid back the interview style. You feel like you are sitting around with a group of friends just having a conversation. I really find myself being truly inspired by hearing these women stories of how they became a kick-ass trailblazer in their respected industries. Listen to At Home With … Here

I am always looking for a new podcast to check out if you have any recommendation please let me know. I would love to go check them out.

Much Love,


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