My Morning Coffee

Like most American, I like to start my day with coffee to feed my coffee addiction . As of late I have really been enjoying make my drinks at home rather than running through my local Starbuck . As much as I love Starbucks, sometimes I enjoy being able to control what goes in and how much of it is in the drink. So for todays post I thought that I would share how I make my morning coffee.

With any good cup of coffee it comes down to what beans you use and how strong you like it. I go in between the kinds of roast that I like, lately I have been enjoying the Italian dark roast which I pick up at my local grocery store. Some people prefer certain brands over the roast but I do find that I like the roast over the brand.

To make my morning coffee you will need:

1 tablespoon of simple syrup

2 to 3 shots of espresso

One cup of ice

1/2 a cup of milk

Drizzle of caramel sauce

Put the simple syrup in the bottom of your cup. Add your espresso and mix it together. Add the ice and milk. Top off with the caramel drizzle. Then enjoy!!!

Now with any recipe you can always add ,substitute, or take out what doesn’t work for you.Somedays I prefer more ice and less milk , it really just depends on the day. I hope you enjoyed this little post about my morning coffee and what gets me going in the morning. If you make this recipe please share if you liked or if you made any changes to it.

Much Love